Pet Sitting Services don't require your cats to be vaccinated but we do strongly recommend it.

Cat flu is an air borne virus so your cat can catch it in their own home. Cat leukaemia is only cought directly from another cat, so if you have a house cat who doesn't go out you don't need this, but if your cat goes out you should get them covered for this.


Cats are born with worms via their mothers milk, regular worming with a multi-worming tablet purchased from your vets should be done every 3 months, we can do this for you while your away.


Fleas are a part of pet onwership that need dealing with on a monthly basis. Fleas can cause aneamia and also carry tape worm. Buy your flea preperations from your vets, we know these work and are not much more costly than Tesco or your pet shop.


Cats don't normally need their claws clipped but if your cat seems to catch their nails in the carpet they may need cutting, cats, especially if they don't go out, need a scratch post. They  use these to clean and sharpen their claws. Cats use their claws to groom themselves. We can cut your cats claws while you are away if needed, please let us know.


Regular checks of your cats teeth should be done by your vet at vaccination time, but you can check your cats teeth for brown tartar on the back molars, at any time. Regular eating of biscuits help to reduce this, but if your cat will allow you, try and clean them.


If you are thinking of changing your cats diet speak to Mel. Mel has had training from both Iams and Hills  in nutrition and is happy to help. Never change your cats diet in one day, take a week and slowly introduce new diet for old mixing them together.

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