Upto 3 Cats          £10.00 One Visit         £18.00 Two Visits

4 Cats upto 6        £12.00 One Visit       £22.00 Two Visits


West London W6, SW6, W14, W5 £15.00 one visit a day


Time spent with your animals 20 to 25 Mins,  More that 6 Cats £ £2.00 extra per Cat.

Visits to the Vets - £5.00 plus Treatment costs.


Bank holidays charges, are at double time.



Small pets ie, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, and Reptials

If cats being fed at the same house £2.00                                                                  



We are Fully Insured by Pet Business Insurance No : PBB0607021.

What if I cancel my cancell my booking ?

A cancellation of £25.00 within a 6 week notice of bookings.

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