We have many years experience of caring for animals. Mel has been a veterinary nurse for 30 years and a foster mum for local animal charities for 25 years. Over the years we have hand reared dozens of kittens and puppies and have a house full of unwanted pets from the vets, all of our cats have been hand reared all 4 of them ! We also have 2 Tortoises. The reason for starting Pet Sitting Service is mainly due to Mels clients at the vets. Many of the clients don't want to put their cats into catteries for many reasons. Cats like their own patch and the comfort of being in familiar surroundings and to sleep on their own beds, and if they can have this when their parents are away, goes a long way towards a stress free holiday for cats and their owners. Some cats cannot be vaccinated, due to ill health or age, and catteries will not take them, thats were we come in. Cats needing regular medication or special food or just extra T.L.C in their own home. Some cats need regular visits to the vets, this can also be arranged.


We hope that we can be of help to you and your pets.

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